Find out why Puerto Vallarta has become a World Class Destination for Marlin, Giant Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, Dorado and Roosterfish.  The proof is in our archives.

The Bay is a wonderland of sea life. Among the most cherished creatures are the Golfina Turtles who return to the shores year after year to lay their eggs. Playful Dolphins are always visible and delight visitors as they swim alongside their boats. The most magnificent sight imaginable is to view Dolphins skimming the water in the pre-dawn hours, bathed with phosphorescence. It is not unusual to spot a graceful Manta Ray skimming the surface or small Bat Rays jumping to incredible heights above the ocean. But by far the most spectacular part-time resident of the Bay of Banderas is the Humpback Whale! The Humpbacks arrive in November and dazzle onlookers with their displays until the month of March. During this time they mate, give birth to their young and enjoy cavorting in the bay in family groups. The Marietas Islands are the FishTravel nesting and feeding grounds for marine birds. The rocks and cliffs host a surprising variety, all dwelling in harmony.

Phil supports the 'Safe Catch and Release of Billfish'.  In other words, we try to bring the fish in quickly and with the least amount trauma to the animal.  All of the crew members are aware of the most effective revival techniques and we do our best to preserve our fabulous Billfish.  Phil also encourages the release of Roosterfish.  They are a fabulous visual fighting species and high on the predatory chain so this means that they are never found in great numbers and should be released. 

Now����we come to the FISHING!

The Bay of Banderas has now become a World Class Deep-Sea Fishing destination. The size and quantity of the fish available in the Bay rivals anything available anywhere in Mexico. All year round, the Pacific Sailfish are abundant. The best chance for a trophy sized Black Marlin is between June and November and from June until January, the impressively enormous Yellow Fin Tuna teem in the waters. Dorado, Wahoo, Roosterfish, Sierra and Huachinango are other delicious local species. For most of the year, the famed Toros, or Jack Crevalle are hooked, and certainly not to be confused with the California Yellow Tail , their meat is so strong and dark that our cats will not eat it, but they put up a good fight and have thrilled many an angler. Inshore fishing is wonderful in Vallarta as well. In May and June, the sardines accumulate by the ton along the shore lines just before the first rains, and the rooster fish, sierra and pargo frenzy for their first taste of their favorite meal of the year.

If you are a serious fisherman, check out our annual chart before you book.

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Not just charter fishing anymore!  We have lots of other tours and activities as well as local information and even a few things that you can do in Puerto Vallarta for FREE!  Imagine?

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Take a look at some of the fish that you can catch

The 38' ELEGANZ is a catamaran that can host up to 6 people for a Bay of Banderas mini cruise.  Get away from the crowds in the hotels and spend your entire vacation on this beautiful boat exploring the coast line and visiting remote beaches.  Take a look at what the ELEGANZ has to offer. 

Ultimate Surf Casting

Phil has learned (but not yet mastered) a new and thrilling sport.  Ultimate Surf Fishing is a new addition to our site and the photos will show you what our bountiful waters have to offer.  Yes, this Roosterfish was caught from the beach!

Phil's new discovery, a beautiful Bass Lake is not to be missed if you are a fresh water enthusiast.  Check out some photos of Cajon de Peas.