The 39' SEA TREK is a beauty and Phil predicts that this one will be the Boat of the Year.  She is a Sea Ray and can accommodate large parties, up to 10 anglers. 

And this boat is fast.  Her top speed surpasses all the rest but our sea conditions will regulate the cruising speed and even the fastest normally cruise at 15 knots  Be sure to check the monthly fishing reports in the big game season this year to see how this new addition fares.   


This sleek 29 footer saved the day this year during Jon and Martin Klinowski's mini tournament.  One of the 3 reserved boats did not start so Phil quickly acquired this one and she proved to be a an ideal addition to the fleet.  She is perfect for a small party of 3 or 4 anglers.


These two are older wooden boats in the 40' category, no major frills but very comfortable. 

And why is Phil anxious to offer the MACARELA and the JUPITER?  Well, big game season is here and a great number of boats in Vallarta hesitate to head out to the hot fishing grounds because of the high cost of fuel.  These two are fast enough to compete with the fancy yachts and their operators really LOVE big game! 

So, for a fairly reasonable cost (yeah, yeah, nothing is reasonable when it comes to fishing) a good sized party can have the opportunity to spend a day of off shore fishing on a boat that goes for the 'Gusto'.  The MACARELA and the JUPITER have excellent track records and will give you the opportunity to get out to where the big guys hang and do some REAL fishing. 

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