After receiving dozens of requests about surf casting and beach fishing, Phil has included this page to offer his suggestions as to where you can do this, what type of gear to bring and what you can expect to catch.  And of course, the fact that it is FREE and there are very few activities that you can do in Puerto Vallarta without opening your wallet.  Phil LOVES beach fishing and sneaks away every chance that he gets. 
Try to spend your time in a new way and catch a lot of fish, only FishTravel will help you today. They have a lot of experience.

Of course there are favorite spots but basically if you are on a beach and see birds then it is worth a cast or two.  It is not easy to hook a fish from the beach but when you do, the experience is quite a thrill.  You don't need a fishing license and as long as you stay away from swimmers, you can enjoy this activity anywhere in the Bay of Banderas. 

The pier at Los Muertos beach is always a favorite spot for fishermen.  In August it became a 'Standing Room Only' situation when a Vallarta local hooked a 45 pound Robalo on a hand line.  This was BIG news and this guy is a local celebrity.  The pier is a melting pot of individuals, young and old, locals and even a few tourists with assorted bleach bottles that are wrapped with line.  This is always a beautiful sight and we can clearly see that fishing is something that everyone can do.  You do not need Penn Gold International gear and a luxury boat to enjoy the sport and spirit of fishing, it is there for all to enjoy in Vallarta. 

And, if you are lucky enough to land a Robalo (this is pretty rare) or a Sierra, take it to one of the dozens of restaurants on Los Muertos Beach and have them prepare a Ceviche or have it cooked however you like. 

This is a list of Phil's favorite areas

Los Careyeros, a beautiful beach on the north side of Punta de Mita where you have a chance to hook a Rooster fish.

The beach in Nuevo Vallarta.  Try to find some sand crabs to use as live bait and try your luck.

The jetties that boarder the Marina in Nuevo Vallarta where you may hook some species of rock fish.

The mouth of the Rio Ameca.  This is a bit tricky to find, look for the sign on the highway that says Boca de Tomates and follow the road to the beach.  You may see Egrets and Pink Flamingos in the estuary, stay away from crocs. 

Punta Negra in the south is very good when the bait is along the shore.  Try to snag a few sardines to use as live bait.  The Jack Cravalle that are feeding on them are often pretty big and put up a spectacular fight. 

Phil landed this Jack Cravalle from the Pier at Los Muertos in early March 2002.  He headed to the pier to pick up some sardines for his next day charter and decided to make a few casts.  On his second, he hooked this fish.  The happy young man next to Phil actually dove into the water to retrieve it and the fish was his reward for his efforts.  The locals enjoy dark meat fish as much as the white species and say that it tastes the same, just looks different. 

Over the years and after losing a fortune's worth of lures, especially Rangers in the Bay of Banderas, Phil has started manufacturing his own.  The process is complicated and deals with molten lead, gas tanks, portable gas stoves, automobile paint, lead poisoning, glitter paint, liquid plastic sealer, rings and hooks and more than you can imagine.  But, now Phil in PV has enough jigs to keep him happy for a lifetime and his family has become the lure painting slaves.  These jigs are excellent for hooking all of the small species available and even some of the bigger ones as well.  When you visit, be sure to ask Phil to show you some of his latest masterpieces. 

What Phil suggests that you bring

-A spinning outfit at least 8' long with a salt-water open face reel.
-20 to 30 pound test line.

-Steel leaders
-White feathers from 1/2 to 1 ounce are commonly used here.
-Crocodiles and Cast Masters from 1/2 to 1 1/2 ounces.

-Diamond jigs and Deadly Dicks
-Rubber scampi with a lead head are also very effective.
-Ranger Lures, great for Roosterfish.  (Check the Update below)

Okay, the jig looks small compared to this Sierra but it sure did the trick.

Read about Lucas the Loon

UPDATE  Phil had a thrilling experience and received some expert guidance when World Class Fisherman, Sergio Escutia visited in December.  This information is so fascinating that we made a new page so Phil can share his adventure and tell you about the new techniques and skills shown to him by Sergio.

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