Phil had an unexpected surprise in December.  World Class Fisherman, Sergio Escutia, a Biologist from Mazatlan with a passion for this sport came to visit and fish with Phil.  Sergio has been in touch with Phil over the years and has offered a great deal of information about our fisheries and the benefits of the Catch and Release of Billfish and Roosters.  After hearing about Phil's catastrophic world record in lure losing, he had a choice to make.  One option was to invest heavily into the company who manufacture Ranger lures and the other was to spend some time with Phil and try to give him some expert guidance.  Fortunately for Phil, Sergio was able to spend 2 days in Puerto Vallarta and the smile on Phil's face in the photo says it all! 

Phil chose the location, Careyeros where he had seen so much Rooster activity off shore in the past but could never reach them, even if he was able to keep the lure on the line long enough to try. 

On the 14th and 15th of December, Sergio and Phil caught and released 12 Roosterfish between 18 and 25 pounds. Sergio's skills and technique are fined tuned and his deep concern for conservation make him a valuable asset to sports fishing.  Sergio is very experienced in targeting the locations where the Roosterfish can be found, there are certain characteristic features in terms of the depth, structure, the type of bottom that the surf is crashing over and other particular elements that create the ideal conditions for these fish to feed.

The rods that Sergio provided were 12' high performance graphite surf fishing rods with 30 and 50 pound test Power polyethylene braided line on Diawa Emblem X5500A spinning reels. The amazing Ranger lures from Roberts in red and white, blue and white and green and white seemed to be the most effective.  The technique was to cast beyond the breaking waves and retrieve the lure on the surface rapidly to simulate bait jumping out of the water, trying to escape from a Rooster.  Just before the lure reached the breaker or even in the breaker, the Roosterfish would crash at the Ranger lure in a spectacular manner and the fight was on.  Pound for pound, the Roosters are the most incredible fighters and such a visual sports fish and this plus the fact that they, as top predators are never found in very large numbers, are reasons why it is so important that we release them. 

These magnificent photos were taken of Sergio in the Mazatlan area but don't cancel your Vallarta vacation and book the next flight to Mazatlan.  Sergio assures us that fish of this size and larger can be found in certain areas near Puerto Vallarta. 

The upper right photo is of Sergio and his World Record Stolzmann's Corvina.  On the left is a  36 pound White Snook. 

This photo is of a pair of beautiful White Sea Bass and below is Sergio Junior with huge Rooster that he fought for over 2 hours and then released. 

There are less than 10 anglers on the west coast that are capable of this type of fishing and Sergio assured Phil that he was close to being one of them.  With Phil's new knowledge, he is convinced that all Roosterfish must be released so as not to eliminate this fabulous species altogether. 

It is not surprising to hear that Sergio and Phil are trying to figure out how they can spend a day or two on that inhospitable rock called La Corbetea.  There are almost no islands now in Mexico where the laws do not prohibit access so Corbetea is the next target for this adventurer.  You may wonder why Sergio wants to fish from the rock instead of fishing beside it in a boat.  The answer is simple, check back to see if this dream becomes a reality.   

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