This is our Kids Photo Gallery

11 year old Cooper Dennis was January 2002's Fisherman of the Month.  He caught on to the sport very quickly and showed Phil a thing or two about hooking Roosters. 

11 year old David Hickey brought in this very impressive Dorado and enjoyed eating it at the El Dorado Restaurant in the evening almost as much as he enjoyed fighting it. 

Josh Guth was 7 when Dad James brought him to Vallarta for a 'Guy Adventure' last September.  Josh caught the 20 pound Dorado and cheered Dad along to bring in this very impressive Yellow fin tuna.  Now that's what we call and Adventure!

12 year old Kolton caught these 2 Roosterfish while fishing with Captain Miguel on the SOL.  He was the Fisher kid for the month of May 2002.

9 year old Dylan Woschenko was another Fisher Kid of the Month in 2001.  This young man was no beginner to the sport and was after a Jr. World Record.  He'll be back this year to try again. 

16 year old Nathan Steckel spent last 4th of July fishing with Phil and it was a day that he will never forget.  His tuna was over 300 pounds and he fought it single-handedly. 

11 year old Noah Prudhomme was Fisher Kid of the month for February 2002.  He was another tough Roosterfish fighter and hooked 6 between 20 and 35 pounds. 

Cousins Cody and Sharla got lucky and hit the Yellow fin tuna last year.  These beautiful fish were 'kid-sized' and both kids hooked, fought and brought them in by themselves.  Sharla's Dad, Billie wrote to say, "I don't know if any two people enjoyed themselves as much as Sharla and Cody did anywhere in the world on that particular day".

This small boy is a lot tougher than he looks.  Juan Miro Jr. from Spain fished two 10 hours days like a pro.  And, for a 5 year old, this is pretty commendable.  We are going to see lots more of this Fisher Kid.  Congratulations Juan and Juan Ramon Miro for an incredible son. 

Alex, Fisher Kid of the month for June 2002.  This 14 year old took to the sport immediately, didn't need much help from Phil to cast for, set the hook and land about 10 Skip Jacks. 

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Cody Green, another Fisher Kid of the Month with his 'catch of the day'.