If you like to dive, there are many tours available, but if you LOVE to dive 'AQUAGUY' is the BEST! Imagine riding the back of a Whale Shark or Giant Manta Ray? Guy's Blue-Water dive adventures are only for the experienced who are looking for the underwater Thrill of a Lifetime!

'AQUAGUY' also offers tamer adventures and instructions for beginners as well. With 20 years of dive experience and a lust for the underwater, this 'Guy' will outdo himself to provide the most memorable day of your vacation, web. He can't guarantee that a Whale Shark will be awaiting every charter, but can guarantee that you will see more sea-life than you ever dreamed possible.

Another of AQUAGUY's specialties are 'Family Fun Tours'. His 'Super Panga' (a very comfortable double-wide skiff) is ideal for isolated beach visits. He will get into the ocean with your kids, teach them to snorkel and do his best to find them a sea-turtle or manta ray. For an incredibly reasonable price, Guy and his Panga are yours for the day and you can choose your destinations or leave it all up to him. This is an ideal opportunity to introduce your children to the wonders of the ocean and marine life. All snorkel gear, ice and beverages are provided.


We recently received a great testimonial for AQUA GUY. Petre Myska spent a day with Mike this year. He wrote to say " AMAZING! This was definitely the most AMAZING day that I have ever spent! I rode on the backs of Manta rays, hovered above a school of thousands of small rays and was exposed to wildlife of every description. Mike (AQUA GUY) is the very best and more knowledgeable in marine biology than anyone that I have ever met. Can't wait to get back to Vallarta for another dive. trip."

All of the photos on this page were taken by Petr. The upper right is Petre riding a giant Manta Ray. Above is the school of small rays that we have not yet identified (135 species). Petre insists that if you like to snorkel or scuba dive, then this experience should be your top priority and not to be missed. Thanks again to AQUA GUY Mike. 

There is a new boat in Puerto Vallarta that offers the same thrill of scuba diving or snorkeling and the good news is that you do not even need to get wet. This is ideal for small children and non-swimmers so that they can enjoy the beauty of underwater sea life. Ask for the details of this exciting new experience.

Don't miss Petr Myska's site, Viva Natura.  He has been compiling information about the Flora and Fauna of Mexico for several years now and his site is packed with fantastic photos, sounds and a wealth of information.  Yeah, yeah, he is Phil's son in law as well. 

Take a Dive without getting Wet!

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