And no, they do not pay us a commission to mention them

The trendy in crowd

at Benitto's?

If you are staying in Nuevo Vallarta you have to try LA LAGUNA, a small, rustic restaurant on a lagoon.  It is on the first entrance to Nuevo Vallarta road.  The seafood is amazing and the bird watching will keep you fascinated for hours. 

Southside lunch?  CHILI'S is a great option and is one block from the El Dorado on Los Muertos beach.  Baron of Beef, Roasted Chicken and the best barbecued hamburgers in Puerto Vallarta. 

Do you just feel like a overdose of Ceviche or a seafood cocktail?  Don't miss OCHO TOSTADAS, right behind Marina del Rey condos in Marina Vallarta.  The seafood is fresh and this place is packed daily for lunch. 


This is Nicole, Puerto Vallarta's most enthusiastic new real estate agent and her pet Zebra, Durcha.  This photo was taken last New Year's Eve in Yelapa, a great little town in the bay that is only accessed by boat.  Nicole, Benitto and friends spent this holiday camping on the beach.  The lower photo is of the inside of their tent, furniture, carpet and a fruit bowl?  Wow, camping is sure not what it used to be.  Nicole is a big fan of Martha Stewart and she provides us with our Recipe of the Month for our Fishing Report newspaper column. 

This group was asked repeatedly by visitors if it was legal to camp on a beach in Yelapa.  Benitto replied, as he mixed yet another martini, "Everything is legal in Yelapa".  From left to right in the photo, Sergio, George and Benitto outside of the tent, Veronica and Nicole.  Durcha is not really a Zebra, just an overweight black Lab but she loves to dress up for an occasion  If you would like to see some properties while on your vacation, be sure to send Nicole an E-mail.  Yeah, yeah, a daughter but you will love to meet her.  She decorates a great tent!

Nicole's swimsuit is a NINGUN PECADO, Mexico's hottest line of swim and casual wear.  Yeah, yeah, the daughter Kim's company but the swimwear is fabulous. 


Phil in PV was born in Dublin, Georgia a long time ago.  He grew up in Southern California and eventually worked as Harbor Master at the Isthmus on Catalina Island.  He has spent his entire life fishing in some way or another.  In 1992 he moved to Puerto Vallarta and soon decided that this town was where he was supposed to be and doesn't like to venture too far inland for any reason.  Second to fish, Phil loves Cats.  He has a few of his own and they all love to bring their friends from the jungle home for fish dinner (and breakfast as well). 

Last year Phil decided to grow his hair long, no one has any idea why.  So his prior image as a 'Silver Fox' has been replaced with the picture of a 'Green-tinged, pony tailed guy' who on Halloween didn't wear a costume and everyone still thought that he was trying to portray Merlin!  Why would a guy who lives and breathes fishing want the inconvenience of hair elastics just so he is not flogged by his coiffure on the ocean?  Well, old Phil has the idea that if he looks eccentric then the locals will take him seriously.  Does this make any sense?  If you have fished with Phil in the past, you will see a bit of a difference on your next visit, but he is still the Good Old Phil in PV, tells the same jokes and still loves fishing with kids as much as ever!

If you are looking for a deli style breakfast, lunch or dinner, try BENITTO'S DELI in Plaza Neptuno at the entrance to Marina Vallarta.  The sandwiches are fabulous and the salads are of Monster proportions.  The sauces will insure that you will return time after time.  Benitto's has beer on tap, wine and smoothies in all tropical fruit flavors.  This little restaurant has become Phil's official office in the Marina so you can arrange to meet him here.  By the way, Javier Benito is Phil's son-in-law. 

Fun aside, Phil wants EVERYONE to have a great vacation in Puerto Vallarta and is always available to answer your questions or give you advice.  If you need any help while you are here, feel free to call Phil at 221-5402.

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