No one likes to shop as much as Phil and he is going to list a few of his favorite places to purchase your gifts and supplement your wardrobe  Puerto Vallarta has a lot to offer and the state of Jalisco produces some of the most beautiful glassware and pottery in the world, and at a super bargain.  To simplify your choices of what you must take back with you, here is Phil's list in order of preference.

Now this is Phil's list of what NOT to buy in Puerto Vallarta.

  1. A bottle of Don JulioTequila reposado

  2. A couple of Blankets

  3. Some Blue Glasses

  4. A whole lot of Silver

  5. A Ningun Pecado Swimsuit

  6. Bottles of Vanilla

  7. Bottles of Salsa

  8. A few bars of Don Maximo soap

  9. Some cheap beaded Necklaces and Bracelets

  10. An Article of clothing that says Puerto Vallarta

Pick up the Tequila in one of the La Playa stores to get the best selection and price.

Buy the blankets on the beach, lots of fun.

There is a glass factory on the corner of Basilio Badillo and Insurgentes.

Get the silver from a reputable store or an honest looking beach vendor.

Yeah, yeah, Ningun Pecado is the daughter's line, but it is still a 'Must Have'.  This line can be found in many major hotels, Mayan Palace, Fiesta Americana, Four Seasons and the Qualton to mention a few.  Look for photos on the cover of People Magazine in February 2003.  For wholesale enquiries, call Kim at 221-6065 in Puerto Vallarta. 

Vanilla is really cheap so be sure to buy the most expensive to insure that it was not made in someone's bathtub.

The Salsa.  After a week here you will acquire a taste for this stuff and will wish that you had brought some home.  Any supermarket or corner store will have a good selection.

Spray and Wash?  Don Maximo soap will take the rust off of a tailpipe so you can just imagine what it will do for stains.

The little gals that sell these beaded items on the beach offer them at great prices and you can never have too many of these little things that are so easy to take home.  Beads travel. 

You will probably never wear your Puerto Vallarta clothing souvenir and you will forever wonder why you spent the $20 bucks but this purchase is mandatory.

Just a thought.  Phil can put together a package of the above items and deliver them to your hotel.  Spend more time on the beach and fishing and still get your vacation shopping done efficiently.  The estimated value of the above package is roughly $392 US.  Now THIS is a time saving idea.

  1. Fishing Gear

  2. Illegal Drugs

  3. Evian Water

  4. Salmon

  5. Gold

  6. Bing Cherries

  7. Kitty Litter

  8. Paperback Books

  9. Alaska King Crab

  10. Hockey Equipment

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